Lona Bag with Jeffrey Bernhard

Posted by Clarissa Anjani on

So here is our first run at the Lona Bag.  I have been traveling all over the world with this bag in the last month and it has been great.  I have carried it and used it just like a throw duffle and need to modify the belt.  Needs to be detachable so that you can put it into the main storage compartment. I also need to put a small pad on the underside of the belt strap.  The zipper has functioned well and has not given me any problems opening and closing. I do wish I had a compartment in the bottom for additional storage of sensitive things like wall chargers for computers and iPads.  
I must admit that I have jammed packed this bag with all kinds of things and have over stuffed it.  I think it weighs about 35 lbs with all my gear inside.  Fits perfectly in the overhead compartment and would fit under the seat in front of you if you unsnap the handles.  
I do have several new colors coming out and will post them up soon.

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