Our Charities

Many of you are familiar with our work with Mario.  Mario is a man in Leon that we converted into a top model for us.  We have been featured all over the world in news and publications. If you would like to read more about him and our work with him follow the link.




We actively participate in contributing to charities in Nicaragua. Recently we sponsored the Bravos game playing hard off the road to La Ceiba.  We are currently working on getting new helmets and repairing our gloves. We had a great day playing baseball with a nice breeze. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we had a nice lunch afterwards.  


In addition, we also donate to a local orphanage. We love to bring artists here and have them teach the children.  The kids love it and really have a great experience from the experience.  You can see them holding up their photos here with us.  I bought the ice cream cart this time as well and we has 60 ice cream bars left over so I packed them in the freezer there for another day.